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First Edition of the UC-Santa Cruz Newsletter!

2 Dec

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Report: Regents’ fishy dealings with Wall Street set to cost the UC over $200M

14 Nov

A team of UC Berkeley students have just published a report on the Regents’ incompetent and fishy dealings with Wall Street. The gist is that the UC Regents have engaged in shady investments that are set to cost the university about $257 million.

It’s worth reading the full report, which you can find here.


More Teaching Tools

9 Nov
More teaching tools (from winter 2012):
***Bonus Materials***

Dismal Stats on the State of the U.S. Economy

7 Apr

It’s by now common knowledge that economic inequality in the US has grown at breakneck speed since the 1960s. But the extent of the hardship many Americans face is pretty harrowing. Below is a round-up of stats that reveal the urgency of the problem.

When it comes to poverty, race and gender matter–by a lot.

  • In 2010, the poverty rates among blacks and Hispanics was nearly twice the rate among whites (15% vs. 27%–remember, this is defined as $22,350/year for a family of four and does not households considered to be “low-income.” The rate for Asians was 12%.)
  • Single mothers are the most likely of all groups to be poor. In 2010, 31.6% of female-headed households were in poverty

See our page on growing income gaps for a comparison on how the 1% have faired.

Student Debt Situation Worsens

12 Mar

new report released by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (FRBN) contains some pretty grim numbers. Here are some highlights:

  • About 40% of Americans under 30 have outstanding student loan debt. That number is about 15% for all American adults.
  • The average amount owed is about $23,000 and more than half of those with student loan debt–about 57%–owe more than $10,000. Current students will graduate with an average of $26,000.
  • While previous reports had loan default rates at a rather conservative 9%, FRNB notes that these estimates do not account for the fact that roughly 47% of student loan borrowers are in deferral or forbearance–meaning their loans have not yet come due, either because they are still in school, still within the post-graduation grace period, or for some other reason.
  • When the researchers looked only at those borrowers currently in the “repayment cycle”, they found that 27%–over a quarter of student loan borrowers–are late on their payments. (A loan is technically in default when no payment is made for 270-360 days.)

Additionally, while this report does not do a demographic breakdown, it’s important to note that we know from previous studies that these dynamics hit underprivileged communities the hardest, as students of color and first-generation college students on average take on more debt, earn less upon graduation, and  thus default at higher rates.

As debts and defaults balloon, this system looks more and more like debt peonage. It’s time to rethink student debt.

New Poster Campaign on the Regents!

16 Feb

These posters tell the dirt on the unaccountable and corrupt, multi-millionaire and billionaire UC Regents who profit from our university while raising tuition, cutting services, and laying off workers and teachers.

The posters are 11×17, black and white, and perfect for posting at bus stops, near bathroom lines, or anywhere students gather or have time to kill. Check them out. More coming soon!

Dick Blum

Will De la Pena

Russ Gould

Monica Lozano

Paul Wachter

Coming Soon:

Sherry Lansing

Leslie Tang-Schilling

New Flyers for March 2012!

26 Jan

Flyers for organizing!

UC-Santa Cruz-specific flyers:

COMING SOON: New flyers targeting the Regents!

From other spaces in the movement: