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UCSC Disorientation Guide 2011!

24 Oct

The DisGuide is a resource for getting informed and involved in the UCSC and Santa Cruz activist communities. Check it out for info on the UC and ongoing social justice struggles on campus and beyond!

Disorientation Guide 2011

Teach the Budget Is Back!

24 Oct

We have a new, updated curriculum with surprising new figures on how the UC and the state of California are cheating students, workers, and educators. But the problems we are facing are more complex and serious and formidable than ever, so we’ve put together a couple of extras to help educators, students, and workers understand the nitty-gritty of the huge wealth-grab that has sent our economy tumbling:

Please help us spread the word by teaching the budget, sharing this link, and spreading the word that the California movement to defend education is back in action and ready for a fight!
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Student loan debt tops $1 trillion

23 Oct

The issue of student debt has become a focus of the Occupy Wall Street movement, but Washington has been largely silent on the issue, after slipping a huge overhaul of student lending into the 2010 healthcare bill.

Good news, Bad news — But mostly bad news The recent reforms actually did some smart things, like cutting out the banks, which will save billions of dollars, but they did little to help those already in the hole. Moreover, recent reforms slipped into this summer’s debt ceiling deal will cut federal subsidies for graduate student loans.

Are student loans the next bubble? Total student loan debt has now far outpaced household debt and credit card debt. Below are resources and graphics. If you have an analysis to share or more resources to suggest, please contact us through the comments.

Student Loans and Indenture

20 Oct