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First Edition of the UC-Santa Cruz Newsletter!

2 Dec

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New Flyers for March 2012!

26 Jan

Flyers for organizing!

UC-Santa Cruz-specific flyers:

COMING SOON: New flyers targeting the Regents!

From other spaces in the movement:

Teach the Budget 2012!

11 Jan

The new TtB Fall 2012 curriculum is here!

Use it to teach your students, your friends–or yourself–about the budget crisis at the UC, and how it connects to state and national political and economic issues. Then come back to our site for more info on what’s going on across UC campuses and how to get involved. If you’re planning something on your campus, contact us and we’ll post a link and help spread the word. (Note: the specific information on buses included here is UCSC specific. Folks at other campuses may consult their UAW 2865 campus organizers for details specific to their campuses. Find contact info at:

Don’t forget these other useful materials:

Sign-up sheet to get on the bus and Occupy the Regents November 14 & 15!

Half-sheet Occupy the Regents Flyer

Full-color Occupy Regents Poster

Short on time? Make a class announcement instead. Use this script as a guide.

Reserve your bus seat for Occupy the Regents here.
Need more TtB? See more teaching tools here.

Nov. 28th Day of Action Media Coverage

30 Nov,0,7181269.story

A quick glance at the 99%

19 Nov

UC students follow retreating Regents to SF financial district, shut down Bank of America

19 Nov

Hundreds gathered for the Nov. 17 Rally in downtown SF, which was followed by a march through the financial district in which protesters stopped at several Regents’ offices to invite them to join students and workers in demanding California Refund education. See coverage:

San Francisco Chronicle

City on a Hill Press

KTVU Video Coverage




In related news, OccupyCal continues to find new and creative ways to occupy Sproul Plaza at UC Berkeley. See coverage:

ABC Video Coverage




But police responses to Occupy Davis continued the troubling trend of disproportionate violence against peaceful protesters. In the video below, UCD cops mercilessly target protesters with pepper spray aimed directly in their faces and into open mouths. Protesters respond by peacefully asking police to leave. Be sure to watch the video to the end:

The response of UCD administrators to obvious police brutality followed the now all-too-familiar model of feigning ignorance about the violence of the tactics they ordered, while vowing to “investigate,” and congratulating themselves for guarding the “security” of the campus:

Davis Enterprise Coverage




Finally, Occupy UCLA was dispersed shortly after it began, resulting in 14 arrests:

Fox Coverage




NOTE: This is just a round-up of Occupy California stories that we’ve been following, but there is always more going on. If there is something you don’t see here and would like to see, please post it in comments.

Santa Cruz Community and Students Rally, March, Act Nov. 9 to ReFund California!

13 Nov

On Nov. 9, 2011, more than 600 students, workers, and faculty attended a noon rally in Quarry Plaza on the UCSC campus.

A group of about 500 students then marched to the base of campus in a dance party fueled by chanting, drumming, and a roving amp playing hip-hop and dance music. At the base of campus, students rallied, rested, danced, snacked, and had an impromptu poetry reading, then headed downtown to join a rally with local workers and K-12 teachers planned to take place at the clock tower on Water and Pacific.

Their March continued down Bay and took a left at Mission St., where they blocked traffic, and police quickly closed off the street. Students danced down Mission and workers and residents came out of their businesses and homes to wave or stare. Marchers waved and greeted spectators.

Here’s a video from the Noon rally:



When students got to the clock tower, the crowd was too big to fit around the clock tower without blocking traffic. The large crowd stood in the intersection of Pacific and Water while deciding for a while but then opted to gather around the steps of the post office in order to keep traffic moving on Water St. so that workers could arrive. But the actions were not over! See video and pictures below, but keep scrolling for more about the day of action.


Los Mejicas performed at the UCSC Rally.

Students gather at the base of UCSC’s campus.


When workers and K-12 teachers arrived, the community rally began. It featured local labor and community leaders: Nancy Abbey, a long-time activist with the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom; Jenn Laskin, a teacher for Pajaro Valley School District, secretary for her union, and activist in the Brown Berets; Cesar Lara, Executive Director for the Monterey Bay Labor Council; Rafael Gomez, President of the California Faculty Association at CSUMB, and Rocio, a UCSC student active in the Brown Berets.

Before the rally could conclude, organizers received word that more than a dozen activists who had been milling around inside the Wells-Fargo lobby had been locked inside by police. When this was announced at the rally, the crowd of around 600 decided to go to the bank just a few blocks away. Once there, protesters surrounded the bank, chanting “spank the banks” and “we are the 99%”, and wrapping it in crime tape. One protester scaled an awning above one of the bank’s entrances and hung a banner.

A student read a list of the crimes that Wells-Fargo had committed against the community and the crowd repeated the charges using the “human microphone”. Charges included predatory lending targeting communities of color and students, and heavy investment in detention centers for undocumented migrants. After finding Wells-Fargo guilty of crimes against the community, the crowd repeated “we must love and take care of each other,” and dispersed peacefully, with more than half heading to Occupy Santa Cruz to participate in an Action Assembly there.