UC students follow retreating Regents to SF financial district, shut down Bank of America

19 Nov

Hundreds gathered for the Nov. 17 Rally in downtown SF, which was followed by a march through the financial district in which protesters stopped at several Regents’ offices to invite them to join students and workers in demanding California Refund education. See coverage:

San Francisco Chronicle

City on a Hill Press

KTVU Video Coverage




In related news, OccupyCal continues to find new and creative ways to occupy Sproul Plaza at UC Berkeley. See coverage:

ABC Video Coverage




But police responses to Occupy Davis continued the troubling trend of disproportionate violence against peaceful protesters. In the video below, UCD cops mercilessly target protesters with pepper spray aimed directly in their faces and into open mouths. Protesters respond by peacefully asking police to leave. Be sure to watch the video to the end:

The response of UCD administrators to obvious police brutality followed the now all-too-familiar model of feigning ignorance about the violence of the tactics they ordered, while vowing to “investigate,” and congratulating themselves for guarding the “security” of the campus:

Davis Enterprise Coverage




Finally, Occupy UCLA was dispersed shortly after it began, resulting in 14 arrests:

Fox Coverage




NOTE: This is just a round-up of Occupy California stories that we’ve been following, but there is always more going on. If there is something you don’t see here and would like to see, please post it in comments.

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