Update on Regents’ Meeting Cancellation

15 Nov

As most of you know, students and workers have been organizing a day of action November 16 meeting at the UC Regents’ Meeting. So far more than 450 UCSC students have signed up to get on the bus and more than 1400 people from UC-Davis, SF State, Fresno Communities for a Better California, and K-12 teachers have signed up to be there! However, we’ve just received word that the Regents have cancelled their meeting because they didn’t want to face student protesters.

The Regents think that by canceling their meeting, they can deny students and workers a voice. But Wall Street and the Regents can’t hide from us. Students and workers are still planning to get on the bus to San Francisco!

We claim the cancellation of the Regents’ meeting as a victory for the public education movement.  We have asked educational leaders to sign a pledge to join us in our call to refund education in California by making the banks and wealthiest 1% pay, and they have yet to do this. So we will be having actions Wednesday.
Southern California protesters will still converge at the CSU Trustees’ Meeting in Long Beach. Northern California protesters will rally and march in the San Francisco financial district, starting at noon and targeting businesses of Regents and other educational leaders, to demonstrate that these leaders are acting in the interests of the 1%–and Californians demand they make the banks pay for the crisis they’ve caused. We will demand that they  sign our pledge, and we will invite them to then join us as we continue the march to the state bldg in SF. There we will demand that government officials also support our pledge, and we will have a people’s regents and trustees meeting.
The schedule for buses leaving Santa Cruz has changed:

  • Buses will leave at 9:30 am from the East Remote Parking lot and arrive in SF between 11:30 and noon.
  • Lunch @ noon
  • Rally from 12-1
  • March @ 1 (Occupy SF and other community groups will join us then)
  • Rally at 4 (K-12 teachers will join in!)
  • Buses leave by 5-5:30; home by 7:30-8pm
Tips for folks getting on the bus:

  • Remember to have a fully-charged cell phone.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and bring sunscreen and an extra layer.
  • Bring a water bottle.
Additional talking points/background info:

  • It’s super important that we turn out a lot of people to this march to show that we are a strong movement and the Regents can’t deny us a voice just by refusing to do their job! Also, the thinking behind this is to strengthen links and coalitions to the movement for the 99%–to show that this is a broader problem and that the whole community is committed to fighting for economic justice.
  • This new plan was developed by ReFund California, which had also planned and organized the Regents mtg action. Groups who helped in developing the plan include: UAW, AFSCME, Occupy SF, Communities for a Better California, California Faculty Association, California Nurses’ Association, and the Coalition to Defend Public Education.
  • ReFund California is a state-wide coalition of students, unions, workers, educators, and community groups fighting together to make the banks pay for the economic crisis they’ve caused. It’s current main campaigns are around mortgage and housing abuses and education. Major partners in the coalition include UC unions: UAW, AFT (Lecturers,) and AFSCME (dining hall, custodial, etc.)
  • The larger goal for ReFund CA is a more progressive tax system to promote greater economic equality and accessible, quality public services for Californians.

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